Looking for community in Montreal

Hello everyone,

My name is Will and I’m looking for people to meet in Montreal. Let me know if you’re interested and perhaps we can create a meetup of some kind.


WillE, I’m from Montréal.
I moved to Austin, Texas 15 years ago.
I am no help here, but I do encourage you to create a community and keep me posted!
I am very close to home despite my physical location.

I wanted to do the same in Austin and I am very curious about psychedelics! Per another post you made about it. Perhaps we can connect and explore how we can support eachother. I am saying that lightly because my husband is sick and he is my priority, but I do have some spare time to invest in healing modalities and I believe in communities to share knowledge and grow.

So here is my reply just initiate contact and who knows!

Warmly and friendly,

Hello Will,
I am in Montreal and we can try to see how we can meet to discuss the integral theory.

Let me know,


Hello Will and Ursula,
I try to find a psychologist (M or F) who knows about Ken Wilber and Integral Life.
Do you have an idea, how I can find one in Montreal QC Canada ?
Thank you,
Bernard Meloche