Love, Conflict, and Play

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Keith and Corey talk about how all play is an abstracted version of fighting, and how we can always draw upon our evolutionary capacity to transmute our basic animal drives into art, goodness, and greater understanding.

Just listened to this episode which I fully enjoyed. To reinforce Corey’s tangent, I thought/felt the same at that scene in For All Mankind. It just held the rawness of the emotions. I couldn’t believe how long it went on, simply not backing away from the power of the trauma exposed. Spectacular television. And it resonated through the rest of the season…

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Glad you enjoyed that scene as well Ben! Though I have to say — Karen’s actions later in the season ABSOLUTELY INFURIATED ME, because of that scene. No spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched yet, but I haven’t been that mad at a TV Show in a very long time!

Amazing show, I highly encourage everyone check it out :slight_smile:

Yes, that was a slow moving train wreck from Karen I was willing not to happen. Did that early scene crack both Ed and Karen open too much, so that without external support they took backward steps from there? They essentially ran away in their own respective ways (again, no spoilers!)?

I don’t think I’ve been this involved in the psychological lives of TV characters since Mad Men!