Map of Levels/Lines development

I am looking for a table that exemplifies behavior at a level for each of the lines of development. E.g., what does “green musical” or “amber kinesthetic” look like?

I’m sure this exists but I can’t find anything in the public domain.

Does anyone know where to find such a map?

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I am actually trying to compile such a map. You can find the full description, and a link to the Context map, here:

“Some stage descriptions are speculated, based on similar developmental capacities of related intelligences, and are awaiting further research. These speculative stages are clearly noted.”

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Thank you for sharing!

In that case I will start working on one and am happy collaborate as well.

Well it’s not like it hasn’t been done. The issue with levels/lines in general for IL community, is in reality they apply in micro seconds. Meaning it changes all the time in micro seconds. This is where levels line applies. Everything else is a severe miss use. It’s chronic in integral communities and never addressed correctly. Many have left for this reason. Miss use of levels. Zak Stein goes over this here:

Thanks for sharing this great video by Zak Stein.

You can catch Zak live at this upcoming international Zoom event I’m helping to organize for next month:

I signed up. Excited. I believe there is also a new book on first principles from Zak, Marc and Ken.

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Hi Bria,

Thank you for contributing.

I am aware that lines and levels are dynamic, something Zak explains well in the great video you shared. Still, they are measurable. Or when we have a piece of content that is static, we should be able to calibrate its level for the lines that it exposes. Let me know if I am misunderstanding something.

I appreciate that I am not the first in need of such a table, which is why I came to this forum. If you can point me to someone who has done this before, publicly or privately, I’d be very grateful.