Marcuse - Biological Justification for predicting a higher level Collectivist Noosphere

I’ve had this burning question on how Integral Theory has gone from an excellent (in my opinion) anthropological model development to projection into a collectivist socialist/communist “higher level” for humankind. I do believe I’ve found the (or one of) basis for Integral Theory making the Anthropology Map to Future Nirvana in Marcuse’s “An Essay on Liberation” written in 1969 (there may be earlier writings?).

I have to say that I’m disappointed that Integral Theory is looking much like a repackaging of classic Marxism philosophical thread. :frowning:

Given Marcuse’s writings, it does look like his primary focus is on create socialism by taking down affluence, NOT uplift the non-affluent into the affluent. I might be reading (see link) Marcuse incorrectly, but the message is fairly basic - and I find it HIGHLY REGRESSIVE. I find nothing progressive in Marcuse’s writings, from what little I’ve read.

Any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

I found Marcuse through the following talk (linked) from The New Discourse crew.