Mastery, Collaboration, and Finding Your Unique Healing Style

In this far-reaching discussion, Dr. Keith and Corey take a look at the critical tension between personal mastery and collaborative integration. Keith sees this unintegrated tension as a potential shadow of the Teal stage, which is a stage that is often focused on “tuning our instrument” before learning how to play with the full symphony of creation at the Turquoise stage.

Keith also speaks to the inner transformations that often result from internalizing a more integral cosmology, which often generates a feeling of interior creative abundance that allows us to “channel” wisdom from our psychospiritual cosmology and bring new ideas into the world. Keith uses his own journey as an author, practitioner, and Integral Psychotherapist to demonstrate how this has emerged for him.

Finally, Keith and Corey also explore some of the unique challenges being faced by the “iGen” generation, noting both the changing values that appear to be correlated with younger generations, as well as the slew of metacrises that these generations are inheriting. Keith and Corey discuss some of the unhealthy adaptations that they see in these generations, while also noting how these maladaptations may be the result of a frog instinctively jumping out of a pot of boiling water, while the rest of us are content to boil ourselves alive.

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