Meaning, Purpose and Questioning as paradigms and barriers to waking up

Something thats really interesting that I felt like sharing since there are lot of you who seem to be very similar in ways of thinking and exposure to life and knowledge circumstances, is a realization that shifted a lot for me and put my mind for a loop and brought it into a silence and surrender, is the realization that “Meaning”, “Purpose” and perhaps “Questions” themselves are a paradigm rather than inherent and can be a barrier to Self Understanding.

When I saw that they are not necessarily fundamental happenings in and of themselves, somehow put a checkmate on the constant assumption and searching for meaning and purpose in things or what somethings supposed to mean but rather these expressions are aspects that some forms (such as humans and yet to be discovered aliens) experience and go through, like dolphins play and swim, or make certain sounds, laterally different and equal, expressions of Life expressing itself. Also perhaps as a human or a type of human, the constant pursuit of trying to find and understand Purpose and Meaning was a distracting activity from realizing and letting go, or surrendering into the expansion of Self Understanding. Or simply just a over focused pursuit that avoided or did not appreciate and recognize the simplicity of breathing, playing, relationships, silence, jokes, simple 9-5 stuff.

Hi Mu1,

Thank you for sharing your realization.
Someone else recently shared about a similar subject asking if it was fundamental or not (I think it had to do with whether the quadrants were fundamental).
I’ll only share from my own experience about the meaning and purpose. I work with adolescent addicts and in the book Integral Recovey by John Dupuy he argues for how meaning and purpose is part of the spiritual domain and it is essential for the addict to answer these questions. I think it is important to have the answers to questions like “why don’t I get high all day”. In the context you share, it sounds like you have had an experience that has transcended this constant voice in your head to find your own personal mission or purpose. And I am sure that can be a blessing!

Hi Ixvythrs,

It sounds like meaning and purpose in that context is worthy for them and useful to helping out of a suffering cycle. Thanks for sharing.

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