Medicine and spiritual practice

is there any practice for people ho feel mental pain?
like unstopable thinking and negative thinking all the time.
if you know some practice that could help feel free to reply.

I have two practises I teach in my classes on Emotions and Meditation. The short form of the first, which you have to get before you can move on to the 2nd, is to stop and ask “what feeling would I have to be feeling to generate a thought like this?”. Do that with enough feelings and you will start to see certain feelings come up more often then others. Spend time trying to feel those feelings and see where they take you. Let me know if this is helpful.

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Thanks doctor for replying.
i have tried a little that practice you told me. the problem is that im into an emotion of fear all day long that i can quit. i identify that emotion but i can’t go further. or maybe it’s my impression.
i will continue asking me ‘what feeling would i have to be feeling to generate a tought like this’
and i will report the results.
thanks a lot you are helpfull.

I am glad ou are trying. I forgot I was talking across a cultural divide here and was not specific enough in my instructions. You have identified the emotion associated with the thoughts, which is a good start. In the world I live in and teach, interpersonal feelings cause core feelings which cause emotions which cause expressive behaviours

interpersonal feelings -> core feelings -> emotions -> expressions

And you need to identify at least the core feeling to get this to work.

For example.

I felt rejected when the university did not accept my application for graduate studies. It made me feel lost and alone and worthless and I cried for days.

Rejected -> lost, alone, worthless -> sad -> crying

So please continue wit the exercise but check out for more feelings. Feel free to use this tool for what I have called the nine core feelings is you like. It was made for processing a specific situation, but you can find a way to complete it for this situation that makes sense.

(Don’t fill in the email address if you dont want a copy to go into my database. You won;t get a copy emailed to you but the process should have helped.)

Good luck with it


thanks for taking that time to reply doctor.
i have completed the test and i think its helpfull and good designed.
i like your view interpersonal feelings core feelings emotions and expressions.
i will try to do the test again till if it’s possible cry.

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Wonderful suggestion. I was going to mention something similar or finding someone that can welcome the feelings to arise amidst the thoughts.