Meditation: dissolving the head knot re Loch Kelley

Writing this in that it may be of value to others.

Unlike many other meditation models, exemplified by Eckhart Tolle, which addresses chronic thought or conception as the ‘problem’. Kelley steps back in a clear pragmatic fashion and addresses the head knot itself, or what he calls the ‘mini-me’ his methodology is ‘small glimpses many times a day’ until ( in theory) the Already True Nature becomes default. In regard to KW’s map we take our objectivity a step back, for those who can do it, and fundamentally cognize the conceptual mind itself, and feel its contraction dissolve. He stands in the orange field as pragmatic, but leans very much to Buddhism and Dzogchen in particular.

Nothing esoteric or energetic about his work, he sides with therapy and neuroscience and moves from chronic mind dissolution, to what he calls the ‘panoramic flow’ or free mindfulness ( not standard vipassana) and then to the heart centered state.

The limit of this way ( from my own personal perspective) is the general limit of Buddhism, which tend to begin from mind, and stay in mind, knowing little about vital physical, whole bodily life. However this is an excellent practice for those who suffer mental fixation and the suffering of it. Link Below.

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