Meetups and/or Buddy Groups

Anyone looking to meet physically (locally) through groups or be friends/study buddies to text or talk on the phone?

Yeah I was recently trying to catalog the Integral groups on and I found that most of them are inactive. One of my tasks for the forcoming ICON Future Human conference is to try to identify the local Integral groups and identify the group leaders and also bring together people from these various local groups into an event at the ICON conference. I run several Meetup groups in Sacramento, but we are basing this on the metamodern model, wherein there is a separation of concerns across different kinds of groups (democracy, civic engagement, inner development, sensemaking, spirituality, community projects, arts and culture, etc.). I still feel that this model depends on a relation to a locally based integral group that can help integrate these different functions.

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Anybody know of any online ones? Zoom etc? I like integral life but they are once-a-month calls rather than all of them as a community relating.