Meta-integral frameworks by other writers?



I am interested to learn other thinkers that also have done integration of lots of multiple disciplines like Ken Wilber with his AQAL and IMP/ILP(I read all KW’s books). So far, i have found Shinzen Young’s unified mindfulness to be of similar impulse in trying to unify various strands of traditional techniques together. E. O. Wilson’s Consilience is also of noted attempt, though a bit less satisfying when I finished reading it, (but very important because of his academic status as highly esteemed scientist at Harvard). Yuval Harari’s books are interesting synthesis of big history and futurism. String theory is fascinating but I don’t have the requisite math skills to understand it deeply(did read some general nonfiction books on it). I found various transhumanist thinkers(Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, James Hughes) to be also of worthy noting even if they tend to be overly-optimistic and sometimes seemingly out of touch with interiors and plight of the average person.

I would like a list of names of whom you, the community, think have genuinely tried to integrate the whole of human knowledge/or subset of knowledge into a grand framework. this will help me develop a personal meta-integrative framework given the understanding that each integrative attempts/ meta-theories tend to have different emphasis( e.g, Wilber’s work puts lots of emphasis on developmental psychology and 1st person phenomenological investigation to discover the primordial source of consciousness, but other academic scholars might not do it due to preconceived bias against contemplative spirituality or lack of unjunction; Edward Wilson puts lots of emphasis on molecular biology as a bridge between hard science and biological science etc.)

thank you.


A couple that @WillE recommended that i find wonderfully insightful include:
-Rebel Wisdom Youtube
-Schmachenberger Web, youtube