Mirror: A Way to Spread More Love Online

Last year the team at Integral Life became so appalled by the non-stop negativity we saw online that we decided to build a new tool that, maybe in some small way, could help show a deeper and more enduring truth: the real world runs on love — of friends, family, neighbors and beyond.

We asked ourselves: "What if, rather than so often seeing the dark side of anonymous mobs online, we could instead show the special people in our lives just how loved, unique, and important they really are?"

And that’s when we started building Mirror, a simple, fast, and free tool that enables you to spread more love to those in your life.

We’ve tested it for the past several months, and we’ve found it’s a powerful way to say things you might not otherwise say, start conversations you might not otherwise start, show your loved ones feelings they might not otherwise see.

Give it a try, and let us about know your experience. At a time when many people are encountering more darkness and uncertainty than ever before, it takes only a few minutes to bring more love and light into their world.


The IL Evolutionary Skunkworks Team


Hi Corey, What’s up here? 502 Bad Gateway is the response when I click on the link?

Hey Kriss, thanks for letting me know, I just passed this up the chain and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

@excecutive. Might be of interest