More brilliance via podcast?

I would listen to a lot more Integral if more of it were available on podcast. Like Keith Witt. I keep waiting for some of those discussions to show up on my podcast app, but they don’t. Or I’m not looking in the right place???
I would rather make this a private message to Support, but that page is lacking. The Help & Feedback page, otherwise known as the Life Support page, doesn’t have any access to Support! No way to actually leave Feedback. No way to get Help unless you’re looking for answers around one of 10 topics, which all have to do with membership. Where’s the Contact Us link?

It did. I attended all of them in person.
I’m not understanding what you’re saying.
I’m trying to leave feedback for those who run the Integral Life website.

Thanks, Sidra.
Just seems like our membership dollars could sustain some kind of ability to contact support when needed. :slight_smile:
I’m sure appreciative of the ways they’ve added a lot more to the membership in the way of weekly classes.
Yeah, I’ve never been one to discuss much here, and maybe that’s true of most.
Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: