Movie scenes by altitude

Hey everyone, I am working on a small side project where I am trying to compile a list of movie scenes, each representing a particular stage of development. Would love to hear your suggestions!

If the scene is available on YouTube, simply copy/paste the link in your comment, and let us know why you think the clip works for each specific stage of development!


Interesting, I just started collecting clips for my presentations. Here is one I found for amber/ traditional:

It clearly illustrates the “Role” component of that level and the optional nature of loving your offspring. Much more about your obligations as a father. Its classic in that the generational divide reflects the developmental divide. The son has a green/ post-modern sentiment clashing with the fathers Amber world view. Amder also showing tinges of Red/ power dominance.


Awesome, I will check it out. For Amber I am honing on the “men need to be governed” clip in Master and Commander (one of my all time favorite films) and a scene about duty from Saving Private Ryan.

I’d like to come up with a list of 3-5 clips for each stage, so let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Also, congratulations on being the first person to post on the new community platform. :slight_smile:


Thanks Corey. I am glad you are continuing to rally a platform for Integral conversation to take place. I look forward to participating and seeing how things develop.

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Good idea, Corey.

Okay, I have one – Kate Moore’s interview in The Enforcer.

Present are Harry Callahan, Ms. Gray (a feminist bureaucrat), and Moore (an inspector candidate).

The mayor has forced a quota system on the police department: they have 8 vacancies to fill for police inspectors, and 3 must be women, regardless of experience.

I will say that Harry is Mythic-Rational with a Red chip on his shoulder, the feminist is Mythic-Rational with a Red chip on her shoulder, and the entire scene is Green, as it takes a bit of aperspectivism to portray these worldview conflicts.

Some might say the feminism portrayed here is Green, but I don’t think forcing quotas regardless of the experience or abilities among applicants could be considered post-Orange, as it doesn’t include any of Orange.

So I will say that quotas in this context are Mythic-Rational.

However, whether the entire movie is Green is another issue.

It could be something less than Green on the whole due to political pressures, market pressures, personal pressures, etc. In some respects, it could be as low as Amber, in others Orange, etc.

The Moore character is also Mythic-Rational because she didn’t see the implications of not having experience for her partner; Harry falls short of Orange in part because he drove a car into a store in the beginning of the movie to make an arrest.

Moore turns out to be a hero, saving Harry’s life while losing her own, but this could be interpreted as the filmaker valorizing quotas.


Great project Corey; a future Integral teaching tool perhaps?

You might like a scene from “Wall Street” (1987), the “greed is good” speech. Good example of the shady egoic underbelly of rational level I think. Some great mentions of evolution as well. It’s on YouTube, easily found. And for a chick-flick egoic level, almost any Meryl Streep speech/action in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

It may be cheating to post a clip from a documentary like this, but here it goes – a clip of Noam Chomsky talking about competing values in Lake of Fire, a documentary about abortion.

Usually on political issues I think Chomsky is too one-sided to be considered Green, but here he talks about how no one value is absolute, how different legitimate values often come into conflict with one another, and how context is important, so I assess this scene as Green.

It has been several years since I saw the documentary, so I can’t assess the entire film at the moment, but I can say it is a compelling documentary if you are interested in this issue.

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Amber with a Red driver!

But the writing, acting, directing, cinematography, and so on are often far above that in my view.

Some aspects of it may even be in the integral ranges or at least deeply inspired versions of Orange or Green.


Hi Corey
Nice project.

I find this clip from the movie The Square illustrative of a clash of stages between the civilized man that includes stages from beginning blue and up the ladder. But here probably more green postmodern contemporary art setting mets the archaic level . The green is at first puzzled how to handle the power challenge and in the end the crowd regresses to lower red stages maybe archaic? In the art setting the crowd probably expects only a representation of ”pure nature brute force” but gets a performance artist that overdoes it and goes archaic. Would like to hear your response to this?


Sheer(?) aperspectival post-modern (as inhumaine) or the anti-essential (post)-human entity in modern?
Beyond The Black Rainbow -

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@corey-devos I once had a blast interpreting Friends using levels :smiley: I even wrote a little schema to map the characters and explain all interactions by the typical relationships of levels.
I would be happy to play further around with the idea with someone!

@Damiano I once tried to find a connection of Enneatypes and possible levels of development. I would like to talk about that, too.
It is always a little “dangerous” to put others in boxes of our maps, but I do believe it helps to figure out how to respond to them, what they need etc. - as long as we don’t connect it with a value judgement, which is always just around the corner…


One of my fav scenes in this movie. Actually feel like there is a fair bit of green injected it in a good way, probably making unconscious emotion more explicit or Churchill a little more sensitive. The combination of green sensitivity with actually a major lesson here for green about dealing with red and evil/ violence is just sweet. But very orange zeitgeist the scene, and in this case some real beige and red going on, instinct vs. resigning intellect. Churchill vs. the British political majority on capitulating or fighting Hitler’s invasion. ‘You cannot reason with a tiger . . . when your head is in it’s mouth!’


You guys see the most recent episode of The Ken Show, with the guided tour through the stages of development? Check it out, and let me know what you think of the film clip choices over in the other thread!

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i’m not sure about this…

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I realize I’m about a year late here. Newish member, here mostly to get more familiar with Integral Theory, and for “the fun of it” (“fun” being the state in which I seem to learn and absorb the most) My lateness to the party is probably a good thing here as I don’t have anything “deep” to contribute to this conversation….Just wanted to say I haven’t seen this movie but intend to very soon….Now I NEED the larger context!

For whatever it’s worth, my “take” on this scene, is possibly "very broken green”…insisting for far too long to just sit and do nothing rather than “descend” to a “lower” level….until ONE old man can’t stomach what’s happening any longer. Isn’t this a good thing that he still has access to this level when/if it’s needed?

Looks like the psychology there was first about not being “able”?..”willing?” to take appropriate action…and then about the “bystander effect”…. And then, once the old man was courageous enough to take the first action…. thereby transforming the threat for the rest of being seen as (undignified?) into the threat of being seen as “not having acted” ….then, and only then, did they all get up and regress far more than was necessary or called for. (one well-placed disabling punch in time saves nine?)

Is there even a defined IT level that describes this behavior? Maybe it’s just plain “broken”…and forget about green? Am I seeing it through my own personal distorted lense? How does this translate to IT? Heck if I know! I’m new here! But the above is what my own “perceptual lense” is showing me. Of course I am lacking the larger context of the movie and any knowledge of the “attendees” at this gathering…and the type and purpose of it. Can’t wait to see the movie and find out if any of that changes my view. Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

1 prominent shade of Teal / Yellow leadership / vision at work . Movie ‘Invictus’ (The whole Nelson Mandela movie is an Integral case study) INVICTUS - It’s time to change

“Among the most offensive of the new high-tech films in Baudrillard’s view is the Matrix trilogy. On the Matrix Reloaded (Andy and Larry Wachowski, 2003) he perceptively wrote: it ‘doesn’t have the slightest glimmer of irony, nothing that might allow viewers to turn this huge special effect around’ (2005b, 202). On the Matrix trilogy he wrote that the ‘most embarrassing part is the confusion of the problem raised by simulation with the classic Platonic treatment’ (Ibid., 202). Perhaps he said all there was to say of this technological disaster of a trilogy when he told an interviewer: ‘The Matrix is the kind of film about the Matrix that the Matrix itself could have produced”.

Jean Baudrillard and Cinema: The Problems of
Technology, Realism and History
Gerry Coulter
Bishop’s University, Canada