Mystic Writings

The Ending is The Great Beginning

Do not weep for me…I end to begin.
Do not hold on to things…
let go that all becomes empty of its
outdated and out lived small
self to become transformed by the
higher Self…who only relies on
wisdom from its direct connection
with Mystery’s Loving essence
flowing into all new life that it may root
now in the earth and all its
higher born species where bodies become
translucent and minds become
transparent only governed through and by
the Presence of greater Mystery.


Awareness :comet:️Existence

Awareness of my existence is teaching me how to
live in the day to day moments with more
grace and gratitude that answers often emerge in
the most surprising and unexpected ways.
My meditation and contemplated practice both in
sitting and walking in the woods keeps
teaching to be present in each moment to moment
breath or step taking when walking. Feel
my breath rise and fall, my steps touching the floor
of the ground of existence. Existence is an
ongoing great Mystery that speaks slowly and then
whispers just below the noise of the hustle
and bustle of our thoughts that move fast hitting our
inner shores like fast, rough waters hitting
the outer shores. We get caught up in the movement
with reactions holding onto a more limited
existence whether gain or loss and then new thoughts
around these old thoughts keeps us locked
into the pain and suffering of the losses or the joy that
recedes, believing we didn’t get what we
thought was wanted or needed because it all changed.

A life that was possible or potential couldn’t emerge
while we were lost in the holding onto the
thoughts or beliefs of what was or wasn’t and, sadly,
never gets met, known, nor does it ever get
to be experienced. A possible existence lost because
we weren’t aware to its present moment soul
whisper. We didn’t see the new Love, the new opportunity
or potential right in front of us. Awareness of
our moment to moment thoughts and images gives us a
choice to either let them go and move on like
clouds or pay more attention with greater awareness to
ones that whisper just beneath, within our heart,
where our own soul abides as loving guidance; our muse.

Becoming an awareness of our own existence is taking that
walk in life to possibly change the course of our life
into a direction where we now wait patiently, going deeper
to hear our own soul’s whisper and who guides us
and knows our true path within this life of existence. We can
let go to trust, faith, courage and the timeless Love
of certainty that brought us all into this now existence with
its fast moving uncertainty. We birthed into existence
from Grace Love then we began our developing of this gift
within each of us as an Awareness of our Existence.

As our own awareness deepens it ultimately expands our
consciousness which ultimately expands our own
existence. We now have greater realization and revelation
of our greater responsibility that if we want to exist
in loving relationships with each other and our world we
must make the great leap to becoming more
conscious within our own higher awareness of our own
thoughts, beliefs, and images. We must make
higher choices from our higher awareness for a greater
existence. This is our path to creating with each
other a more good, true and beautiful humanity and world.

We come from God Love seeded with beautiful
Souls within these personality’s that are now whispering of
their waking up from these long dark nights into
the light of their own existence. This Light our Soul Love.


You write beautifully @Mary_Linda_Landauer.
#infinitelove …Peter

Thank you so much Peter! Happy New Year to you and your family…

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