Mythological Awareness (in action)

So I have this fairly long term ‘coaching’ relationship (it’s more like a friendship tbh) where I realise that I’m working with a polarity that is working across developmental levels. They are more (significantly so) skilled in an area that i am more developed/complex. My higher/deeper perspective just keeps slamming into their elegant, wise, broad, experience/skill. And i realise also that they developed this skill in relation to a fairly tough stressor in their life that lives below/outside language. So it was a great joy/relief to start going back over what I call the ‘4th territory’ (post rational, vision logic). This feels right. I’m anticipating breakthrough for me… I have this sense that transformation lies just outside my current ability to see what is on my periphery in key/dev complex relationships.

Speaking of which. The ‘imminent’ 4th territory theme has got me back into some of Erich Neumann’s stuff (depth psychology!!), Specifically, some meditation on ‘the terrible great mother’ archetype and the birth of the hero (who develops higher ego structures to literally turn against HER and fight, deployment of her own destructivr attitude but rather than in self destruction, this time slaying the dragon and in this change in personality, unburying the treasure (Knowledge) need for the journey ahead)… wow! Cool stuff.

I’m wondering how to turn this into a practice with my skilled friend/client. Like, all i want to do is bring them into a higher structure/state… And all they want to do is school me in their highly interesting expertise (which folks, is hard to argue with!) … I feel better already (thanks IL community for this generative space! <3)