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Hi Corey - Love all of the content on Integral life and awesome that some 15 years of work is being archived there.

Finally tuned into a whole episode of the Ken Show (3 and a bit amazing hours) and now want to catch up with the rest. However, there is no easy way that i can find a chronological listing of all the ken shows. If there is could you cue me up. If not … i offer it is as a suggestion.

Perhaps a page with "Saved Search’ type links for The Ken show, and other contributors by name with their contributions in chronological order.

Just a suggestion

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Hi Carolyn, happy to help!

If you roll over the PERSPECTIVES menu in the main menu, you should see “Featured Series” as one of the menu options. Roll over that, and the Ken Show will be one of the series included.

Or you can just click here:


Hi Corey - just got my weekly IL email re: the next Ken Show. If it was there before and i didn’t see it i apologize but … in today’s email you set out the chronological episodes of then Ken Show BEAUTIFULLY… It is so much easier for me to navigate! Thanks so much. I put a screen shot below.

By the way - what a wonderful series it is - its like riding the wave of creation itself hearing ken speak about the now of changing human existence. I feel blessed to have found this website!


Hi Carolyn, welcome to the community!