Navigating Relationship Challenges Amidst AI Advancements and Personal Growth

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my recent experiences and seek some advice on relationships and personal growth. I’m an AI student who has been in some privileged positions and opportunities, but recently, things have taken a confusing turn.

My Situation

I lost my position as an AI architect working student at a top rising company in Germany. Alongside this, my relationship fell apart, and I’ve been struggling to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually, and especially sexually. The overload of porn has left me unsure about what happened, as I followed a more synchrodestiny path to even make this happen.

To add to my confusion, I discovered that it’s possible to purchase clothes and pictures from 14-13 year-olds on Snapchat, which is deeply troubling as I just turned 30. This, combined with the pressures of our modern world, has left me feeling lost.

Relationship Dynamics

I had access to a course book from Dr. Keith Witt, which I purchased and still have on my PC. Unfortunately, I can’t access it via the site anymore. I vaguely remember it mentioning something like “there is no marriage without sex outside of the marriage,” suggesting that in some marriages, consensual sex with others is normal and still counts as monogamous, depending on the strength of this need.

To be honest, I’m a complete novice when it comes to relationships. Mine ended in about three months, and we were together for approximately 6-8 months.

My Questions:

  1. Is consensual sex outside of a relationship due to a high sex drive and modern developments, like AI, becoming the norm? Did I misread something, or am I hallucinating?
  2. Is a monogamous relationship even possible in this day and age, especially with the advent of unregulated AI? I fear that these tools will be used by humans for the usual corruption we see nowadays, impacting relationships negatively.

Seeking Clarity and Advice

I’m looking for comments and insights on these issues. Any corrections or guidance on my understanding would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and for any advice you can offer!

I fitlered this with OpenAI to let you guys and girls know in advance as there is more to the story, yet currently I am just mad an appaled at the world and unsure what do to, I hope I can receive some quality feedback!!

Can someone enlighten me, as well as help me get answers? I watched this:

wanted to share my thoughts and seek advice on a complex topic that intertwines relationships, sexual exploration, and personal growth. Given the cultural context in Germany and my experiences, I’m trying to find a way forward.

My Situation

I’ve been considering training with prostitutes, as it’s legal in Germany and our culture handles it differently. However, I find the behavior of younger generations confusing, as they seem to engage in activities that resemble prostitution to some extent. The classist aspects and societal attitudes are quite evident.

After an injury, I gave up on conscious living because there are few women who meet my criteria of being fit, conscious, and having a non-traumatizing sexual history. This topic is very complicated for me, and therapy hasn’t been sufficient. When I spoke to a therapist, I found myself helping her with her relationship problems, thanks to my integral wisdom and knowledge.

Current Practices

Here are some practices that help me:

  • Avoiding coffee, as it makes me crazy and less attuned to my partner. Cannabis, on the other hand, sometimes helps me feel more connected, though it has its social stigma.
  • Exploring options like hiring a prostitute doesn’t seem wrong to me, especially given the legal framework and economic conditions driving many young women into such work.
  • Talking about these issues reduces my guilt, as I see it as a normal exploration for a single guy. I also aim to disengage from this behavior mindfully.

Relationship Challenges

  • Sexual Abundance: With the sexual abundance and opportunities to attract women, it’s tempting to indulge in casual relationships. Yet, I yearn for deeper connections and struggle with integrating my sexual desires into my vision of a healthy relationship.
  • Therapy Limitations: Traditional therapy methods, including IFS and green-level therapy, haven’t worked for me. Therapists often find me too complex or intelligent for standard approaches.
  • Cultural and Societal Pressures: The new wave of hookup culture, OnlyFans, and dark psychology is overwhelming. While it seems enticing, it also feels incomplete and potentially harmful.

Seeking Advice

  • Integration of Sexual Life: How can I integrate my sexual desires and experiences into a healthy, conscious relationship?
  • Therapeutic Approaches: Are there alternative therapeutic approaches or practices that might work for someone with my level of complexity and awareness?
  • Navigating Modern Relationships: How do others navigate the challenges posed by modern relationship dynamics, cultural differences, and societal expectations?

I appreciate any feedback or insights. I’ve also delved into Chinese metaphysics and other practices to solve some of these issues, but I still feel lost. The power of consciousness is daunting, and finding conscious women who align with my values has been a challenge.

Thanks for reading and for any advice you can offer!

Am I allowed to journal here publically to some extend? And write the results of my contemplations? I often find a lot of solutions on my own, yet I feel like a lot of “quick” knowledge that is presented on the internet that is principle based in missing in relationship psychology.

I fear that I might write something that could have a negative impact for the entire community, as I am a consciounes explorer and yearn to break boundaries. Yet, I barely get anyone to listen to me anymore, due to health issues and I am on my way back mostly & considering new information, as German scientist keep pumping new results, and I really yearn to master multiple facets of reality…

Currently, I am testing this as I sort of am still testing limits, due to developmental issues and healing based on psychology I’ve read, the main issue is I listend to most of it via podcasts, videos and audiobooks. At times this gives me a flase sense of security.

I meditated for 1h to tarot readings, as psychologists stopped giving me insights, especially about ancient psychology, and I have very though lectures where genetic racism occures to some extend, and it drives my mind crazy, as I can’t keep my body still at times due to somatic issues, and I am also just a huge pervert. So, I am unsure what to do, I had a solution to write down most insights of the course. Yet, my family left me now finally and thank god!!! I could not deal anymore with their level of ignorance and what I am going through after visitng the last psychotherapist and the lack of progress in terms of turqouise/indigo mind transition and it’s fallacies to integrate it inside ones body, and let alone what happens there I would prefer working with real shamans and psychdelics, not even IFS even thought just by theory… it’s great to integrate parts, yet gestalt thearpy seems to be more superior.

After extremely high insights on cannabis and finding out the mythological meaning behind my first and second name, I realized how holy I can perceive myself and I am meditating to angles and archetypes partially, and I have a lot of synchronistic experiences etc. For example first girl I had sex with is kurdish and second girl is a allevite? And I presume as it’s the “white majority” they have subconscious biases, and hatred against each other. At university kurdish humans kept approaching me asking where I am from, while my second name is persian. It drove me crazy as black/american white/german “identified” individual, and I have a lot of hate currently against the world, as people misconstrue and abuse these stories and frankly I stopped carring and went beserk for the first time, like in a bad timeline of a main character in an anime movie. I somehow catched myself, yet I sort of have to stay away from the issues of white society as I still feel underprivileged and mostly it’s in my free time not at work, yet still I would like to join integral even when I am not fully psychologically healthy imo, even though I have more sanity than most, when I see Trump’s faith abuse and what I perceive in my life…

Anyhow, I hope I can join soon, I did everything I can currently to take part in this and grow, as this was my original goal, yet there is a lot of stuff missing I would love to speak with an integral psychologist, especially about and one who has less boomer type egotistical shadows etc. Anyhow … if this is not banned it will be some type of journal… I gave up a lot of hope, when I see how disgusting black human beigns are treated in “Charteu Heartise” etc. A player book etc. from so called intellectuals and indian scientist abusing “black genetics” etc. and I am questioning ChatGPT for kemtic genetics and atlantis out of curiosity, but hey I am just a Gemini. Would I even be allowed to be seen as sane, I feel so good to let go of this and just speak my mind, I know nothing of this is Truth and true, it’s just potential danger… and yes I simply lack at times the responsibility to care for others, as I care to much and tbh I’ve never seen anyone who has a higher compatability with myself after plotting my bazi-chart I have 105% compatability with myself, I am so lonely, that I am so well connected to myself, the only thing disconnecting myself is a genetic defect that has somatic impact, since birth…

While I still can connect well, this gives rise also to others empathy, I noticed this very often irregardless where, and I am also interested in Rupert Sheldrake type research, I feel so fucking lost with achiever scientist, negligent stage green positive “discriminatory” behaviour and actions, especially mindsets, as they make to little distinctions and I frankly am struggling to integrate shadows about IQ, giftedness, muscial giftendess etc. Where human desgin and at best some jungian therapy would help with archetypes as I intuit, but anyhow… I found solutions… the relationship course will heal a lot of stuff for me, so I can speak about this normally and stop with excessive stuff as I currently suck in moderation like most moderats in politics.