Need clarification on 'States' ... Anyone? | Creating video "Religion as psychotechnology"

I want to present the different “states” in a way that the average person may be able to understand. But after reading “The Religion of Tomorrow” I feel that I still have a lot of questions, and need some clarification, or references to other Wilber books.

Ken gives 5 major states

I need to be able to identify each state with a few more identifiers

1: Drug → State
I want to be able to pin a drug experience on each state.
Weed → subtle
mushrooms → turia ??
dmt → non-dual??

Can anyone locate drug experiences with the 5 major states?

2: Frequency → State
Gross -
Subtle -
Causal - delta
Turia -
Turiatita -

3: Additional Names for States
Causal - witness
Turia - fourth
Turiatita - nondual

Looking for some more identifiers for the 4th and 5th

State questions - Causal
4: I feel like I have probably had a causal experience. I had an experience of what I call white mind, or just plain whiteness, the thoughts congealed after forgiveness practices and another time when I was using a jocko willink extreme ownership mantra on my thoughts and the memory and sense of self was wiped for a moment. Would I be correct to locate this experience in Causal?
5: In the lord of the rings, Frodo was about to give the ring to the elf woman, and she turned into a demon, does anyone remember this? Would it be correct to say that this is a pathology from the causal dimension? And that an elf would be a causal creature? Of course elves don’t exist but are they representative of the causal state in general?

Identifying 4th and 5th
6: Ok, so moving beyond causal is a bit confusing for me. Causal seems to me like a clear mind, one that still interacts in the world pretty similarly to someone at a gross state, except this person at the causal has an empty mind, there is still time and space. I intuit a sort of collapse of all space and time after the causal, to a sort of timeless dimension, like the self that is not reborn and was never born and never dies. But this to me sounds so much like Non dual. Am I missing something here? because that would suggest that there are only 4 major states. If this is indeed the fourth that I am describing, what on earth could be the fifth? Where is this fifth and what is the difference between the fourth and fifth?

7: Does anyone also know a bunch of different names for the fourth and fifth?

Ok, I think that is it for the states. There must be a lot that I am missing but I mostly want to understand the 5 major states that Ken has found seem to be universal.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Thanks to anyone that can help.

Is the format for this going to be a documentary or fiction?

Neither. It will be more like a presentation of Wilber’s ideas. Around 10 minutes. I am interested in exploring the idea that religion, in essence, is a psychotechnology.