Need Some Help - Crowdsourcing Quiz Technology

Hello Friends,

So, I’ve begun to compile some questions for a Spiral Dynamics based quiz to track what worldview stage a respondent is at. However, my challenge is showing up around actual quiz / survey software on the web that does what I need it to do.

I’m pretty familiar with Wordpress as a quiz platform as that’s what I use to build my own sites, but I’m hoping to save some time wading through the sea of different quiz plugins (and hopefully avoid spending money to start, if possible). So I figured I’d hit up the forum here in case anyone else has some familiarity or could leverage their network for a solution.

What I need, functionality wise, is a quiz system that can dynamically branch to a different result based on the cumulative score within different question categories (one for each stage, and one for the respondent’s level of “openness” to change). For example, if the respondent answers Strongly Agree (out of Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, and Strongly Agree) to a majority of “Red” questions, they should land on a result page that tells them their predominant worldview is Red, and show them a nice pie-graph breakdown of their different stages based on scoring from all the other questions.

Is anyone aware of quiz software that can do this? I don’t have a problem spending money if for sure I know the Wordpress plugin will do what I need it to do; the challenge is that most paid Wordpress plugins only have money-back guarantees, and I don’t want to jump down that rabbit hole without at least a little proactive education first.

My end goal with a quiz like this is not just to gather data, but also to create something that can help get the Integral word out. Many people aren’t even aware they have a worldview, and I feel like something simple and “BuzzFeed” like that goes viral could go a long way not just to broaden the Integral message, but also drive traffic to this community.

Many thanks!