New AQAL Carvings

Hey everyone, I just made a new batch of AQAL carvings, and thought I would make them available to you all :slight_smile: The top 4 are available for $100 each + shipping, and the bottom ones are $125 + shipping. They average about 3" x 9". Let me know if interested!

You can find more of my work here:

@corey-devos - these carvings are amazing… Are you able to ship to the UK? Also: have you ever seen decent posters created for quadrants, levels, lines, …? I’m looking to prime an environment I work in with AQAL reminders :wink: Thanks in advance.

Hey @jnmclaren, thanks for the kind words, and yes I do ship internationally :slight_smile: I’ve sent pieces to multiple continents, it just carries a slightly heftier shipping fee. Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to purchase or commission a piece! I think one of the Four Quadrant carvings would light up your space nicely :wink: