New carving — AQAL glyphs

Thought I would share a new piece I made, a gift for Mark Fischler.

Quadrants, Levels, Bacon, States, Types.
Maple on Cocobolo, with White Oak frame.

Human for scale.


@FermentedAgave You mentioned you were learning to weld and fabricate metal via YouTube, which sounds awesome! I’d love to learn more about what you’re doing. What prompted you to get into it, and are there any projects you are working on, or working toward?

Today I used my new angle grinder to clean up an olive wood mortar (and pestle) from Amsterdam. Also prepped my gate latch materials for welding tomorrow. The broken gate latch was my justification for buying the welding setup I’ve always wanted :slight_smile:

Next up are some custom trellis for grape and passion fruit. This should get my welding/fab capabilities up enough so then maybe I can do yard art. Fun stuff and thanks for asking!

Mitchel Dillman has really inspired me with his energy and communication. He might be in your neighborhood: