No Dominant EnneaType

I rolled up my sleeves to do some work, took the Enneagram Test and literally all 9 of my Type results ranged between 9% and 13%. All my Enneatypes are in a dead heat.

Does this mean I’m squared away or on the brink of disaster, lol?

Did this happen to anyone else?

Yes! Just now. Mine were all between 10 and 14. No, I have no idea what that means.

I thought about it a few days, and I like to think that it means we are adaptable in how we navigate life.
We are not the persona - the persona is just for society.
Transcendentally it’s even more true we are not our personality.

Hi- I find that tests are not the best way to discover your enneagram type or ego structure. The best way is through conversation with someone who knows the enneagram. Your passions, fixations, and shadows will most likely show up in real time… Starting a conversations with … the last time I felt really hurt/sad/angry was because… and there it will pop up… the truth will be revealed and percentages wont matter :blush:

One of the many reasons why it can be so difficult to self-assess!

One tip: as you do the test, try to do it not through the perspective of who you are today, but rather who you were when you were 20 years old or so. The reason being, that’s when our patterns tend to be a bit more “raw” and exposed and not so covered by layers of accumulated coping strategies we might pick up from various relationships and life experiences. Also because, apparently, the higher our altitude is the less distinct our enneagram pattern becomes. It’s still remains our core underlying pattern, from what I understand, but we become more fluent with other ways of being/thinking/doing as we become more integrated.

@corey-devos On the contrary - as children we are socialized according to the desires of everyone except ourselves. For me I was first socialized by a strict religion as a child then I jumped ship from that at 18 to the military. To get to a “raw” state you would have to have when I was three and started being given an identity in Sunday school.
It’s starting to seem to me the more I think about it is that having only one or two dominant Ennea Types is a limitation and not desirable at all. Who would want to be limited to two strategies when nine are accessible?
Is it forcing the map to be reality? Are we trying to force “types” for purpose of an exercise, when they are really just the undesirable results of socialization?
Is it reality that we are “born” a certain way - that in our “raw” state we are limited to one or two “types”?
Or are we born without a dominant “nature” - without an “Ego” and our limitations are nurtured into us?
In many spiritual traditions the goal is to realize the “Ego” as a construct separate from our identity.
@Sandra1 - I agree with sitting with people you know to flesh out shadows. I meet with a group regularly and we do that, but again strategies are just strategies - it’s the shadow that’s the root of the problem and once it’s revealed that’s well over half the work.

I am in a lot of integral life groups and benefit from the exchange greatly. I’ve taken three or four enneagram workshops over the years and have read some of the literature from respected enneagram authorities. For the life of me, it just does not resonate with me. I can be many of the types depending on many ever-changing physical, emotional, social, political, philosophical, religious, developmental (etc.) states at play at any one time. Also, I am a well-trained psychologist who knows the “rules” of diagnostic categorization and don’t find it very helpful to figure out ways to have the complexity of your being compressed to fit into one prescribed “box” or category. Finally, when I look at types, I find meaning in their deeper origins - what created conditions for the type and what components make it up. Following these components are always more interesting and useful than their congealed “final” state. I’m open to learn more - I see lots of people who I respect seeming to think it is meaningful to them, but thus far, not so much for me.

I have gone thru many different personality, strengths-weaknesses, communications styles, including ennegram (non integral version), and find all insightful and useful.
Of all I found communications variants the most applicable in real life. Enneagram is akin, in my laymans opinion, an overly complex Meyers-Briggs type that unless everyone takes the assessments together is extremely difficult to put into use.
DISC has been perhaps the more applicable of the lot - at least for me - with M-B intro/extrovert as readily applicable.
I think I like the Comms focused frameworks since they are inherently dynamic and we all get hangry. Lol.

Theyre all good, but finding the applicable bits in realtume settings is the hard part. Best part is they all open us up to being more facile, less rigid, more effective in relationship. Just my laymans opinion.