Nonduality (And Beyond)


A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), renowned author and co-creator of the Diamond Approach, a complete spiritual path that flows out of his direct personal experience and realization, informed by the great wisdom traditions and practices, describes here his own process of inquiry and some of what he has come to discover in his lifelong pursuit to understand the nature of reality and know the truth.

Hameed tells us answers come in the form of experiences rather than words and that there is no end to what we can realize about our true nature and reality itself. He talks about experiencing the authentic presence of being; the dynamics of realization; the paradox of practice; the importance of curiosity; and the joy of discovery. What makes time possible and what makes timelessness possible? What happens when we die? Throughout the conversation, Hameed transmits a quiet exuberance, humor, profound wisdom, and deep peace. This is a remarkable, inspiring, sometimes astonishing dialogue that will illuminate and exhilarate your understanding of the nature of reality and our potential as human beings.

Recorded August 10, 2022.

Topics & Timestamps: Part 1

  • Roger introduces Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) and the Diamond Approach (01:09)
  • The practice of direct inquiry into the fundamental nature of reality: the answers come in experiences rather than words (05:10)
  • Trusting reality to take us to what is good for us; reality is self revealing (08:14)
  • The “paradox of practice”: recognizing our inherent helplessness and hopelessness (10:19)
  • Hameed’s initial opening: recognizing the authentic presence of being (13:06)
  • Each awakening has a particular view: nonduality and beyond (15:09)
  • Holding on to a view becomes a delusion, regardless of the realization (18:51)
  • The “view of totality”: a metaperspective allowing for endless realizations and openings and appreciation of the boundless creativity of the universe (21:37)
  • Many teachings are working towards liberation and freedom from suffering, but Hameed “wanted to understand reality and to know the truth” (25:22)
  • Enlightenment itself evolves, it keeps moving (28:33)
  • The dichotomy between spiritual and material is a construct (35:10)
  • Discovery is part of life, part of realization (37:18)
  • The completion of realization is going out in the world, learning how to live it (39:04)

Topics & Timestamps: Part 2

  • On death: each of us has a particular consciousness that is undying; death is not the end, but how we live our life will influence how we die and afterwards (00:53)
  • Is an initial activation—a “close encounter of the third kind with true nature”—a requirement to enter the Ridhwan School? (07:49)
  • What is “runaway realization”? There’s no end to what you can realize about reality or yourself (09:18)
  • The importance of true curiosity (12:30)
  • The experience of pure, absolute time: what makes time possible and timelessness possible? An example of Hameed’s own inquiry process (13:29)
  • Spiritual discourse and non-standard realization (15:57)
  • Becoming alive to the zen of ordinariness (20:02)
  • Hameed’s practice: continual inquiry and meditation (22:31)
  • Most of Hameed’s awakenings don’t happen in meditation (24:47)
  • The dynamic of realization: practice opens us to grace (25:56)
  • Opening to transmission (31:59)
  • A new kind of presence: non-standard presence is very important to opening to runaway realization (33:12)
  • In the depths of nondual realization something arises (36:51)


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