Nonviolence, Genocide, and the Quest for a U.S. Department of Peace

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Acclaimed author, lecturer, and Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson discusses the Spirit of passive resistance.

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A timely posting (and the Course in Miracles topic too), given Marianne will be on stage tonight in the televised debates. It will be interesting to see how effective she is in “applying spiritual principles to larger contexts” in this format. Given the time constraints and, judging from last night’s debate, more time being allotted to the “top contenders,” she’s got her work cut out for her. How do you speak of interiors or “love, not fear” persuasively while also articulating policy positions for the exterior world, all in 60 second sound bytes? While the existence of an inner self was insinuated by some of the debaters last night, as far as I could tell, Elizabeth Warren was the only one who came close to making any direct reference to interiority, and that was only through reference to the need for inner courage in confronting (big pharma, corporate greed, etc.). Necessary, but not sufficient, in my opinion.

Hi LaWanna, I didn’t watch the debates. If I had to summarize what is being shared on Twitter is that she is going to being portrayed as out of step and attempting to use magical thinking on real life problems. I think her best course is to argue for something like integral politics, because there is still not a map of altitude that is recognized by the Media and the majority of Americans. The next step would be to introduce the idea of the pre/trans fallacy.


Here’s one response from her campaign to the ridiculing that you might be interested in reading:

She’s qualified for the next round of debates to be held in late July, so maybe you can catch those and see what you think.

And here are a couple of other articles talking about progressives and their new (old) religions:

“The Rise of Progressive Occultism–The Great Awokening–Or Why AOC Felt Compelled to Share Her Birth Chart” by Tara Isabella Burton

“The Age of Aquarius, All Over Again! : Belief in astrology and the occult is surging” by NYT columnist David Brooks

Thanks LaWanna,

I still am probably going to lean to not watching the debates. I find myself cringing during them.
I did think about her message following her last performance and it is nice to have someone attempt to change the narrative. I mean there is no bigger change in perspective when you start with love. It is nice to imagine the world we would live in if the “leader of Western World” spoke about love and how it would trickle down to younger generations.
I still haven’t listened to this podcast. The Department of Peace reminds me of something I first heard about from the Natural Law Part at the start of the millennium.

Interesting perspectives on the occult. I wonder how much power the Brooklyn witches have had on things. :slight_smile: