OneNation Party: Integral Politics in Action?

I recently discovered OneNation Party through a friend of mine. It features “All-Win paradigms” and a “holistically thriving future” complete with inner work and personal development.


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Hi Hawaiian Ryan,

I don’t know…names can be deceiving, and perhaps this One Nation party you are referencing is not the same as the One Nation party that began in the late 90s in Australia, and continues. It is nationalistic and conservative, and on their website, they say such things as they are in support of “President Trump’s travel ban on people from ‘extremist countries’…” Wikipedia, if that’s trustworthy, says the Australian One Nation party has “extensive informal ties with racist groups, including militia groups…” and at least one “white supremacy group.”

There is also a One Nation America and its website and platform sound primarily anti-liberal with lots of anti-Obama sentiment and Obama-blaming comments (and of course the usual ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’).

Maybe what you are talking about is something altogether different; it’s hard to tell as there is not enough content on the website you provided a link to as of yet. It appears to just be getting started, set-up.

I will say that my first response to reading OneNation Party was that the name itself would not go over very well in this country with Native Americans, as tribes consider themselves and are considered by law sovereign nations within the US, and as such, are still involved with such things as treaties between themselves as sovereign nations and the US government. I have been in settings among American Indians where this has been discussed, heatedly at times, and while one could argue that there’s a certain amount of “political correctness” involved on the part of the tribes in their dislike of the term “one nation,” one can also argue that they have good reason to want to maintain their sovereignty, and want others to remember that they are sovereign nations.

As I say, maybe the One Nation party your friend has told you about is something entirely different and unrelated to the One Nation party in Australia, or One Nation America, neither of which sounds integral to me, judging from their websites. Any other info you can provide?

LOL…yes those probably were not the ones I was talking about, lol. I haven’t heard of those parties, but as I reflect, the name “One Nation” could connote deeply conservative and anti-liberal views.

Sorry for the confusion, lets try some Youtube videos instead :smiley:

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Aloha Ryan, (I love that word, how it just curls and rolls off the tongue–aloha, I mean, although Ryan too…)

I watched the middle video here, laying out the 12-point description of “What Is One Nation?” Nothing off-putting and in fact, much of it sounded similar to themes of Marianne, including the idea that love is stronger than fear, and that “centering in spiritual energy needs to be a part of how we talk about politics” (paraphrased). I’ll have to look at more of this as time permits. I imagine this is a fairly new endeavor? I do think they’ll be repeatedly confused as being an extension of or associated with or otherwise related to the Australian One Nation party or with One Nation America; maybe your friend has a comment about this? Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the videos. I was a bit put off when I went to the url and had to put in my email to get any more info. They might do better to put the info first and the email gathering a little later.

I agree – I was a bit off put too and I finally cracked out of curiosity. I’ll bring up all of the issues to the leadership. Thanks for checking it out!

I always want to shift down to the lower right. I think it’s an overly ignored quadrant:) Where I am frustrated with politics and most spiritual practice is there is too much emphasis on evolving the left hand quadrants. This seems to be “THE” answer everyone is proposing then combining it with big government federal programs. I just don’t think this is going to work. I think we need an evolved lower right solution right now that meets everyone where they are.

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I agree 1000%! I think the LR is ignored for several reasons, one of which is that its probably the hardest to understand and change, and some people feel powerless to do anything to change the “broken system.” And even if we had the collective will to do so, it can be hard to agree what an evolved LR solution looks like (just in the Integral community alone there is so much disagreement). Any ideas?

One of the mottos at OneNation is “process not ideology.” Ideologies can be dangerous, and no one really knows the best solution that works for everyone. The idea of process over ideologies conveys a sense of fluidity where an Integrally informed process can help us to discover these systemic solutions. If I ran for office, my flagship proposal would be to change our governance structures and decision making points, so that we can collectively arrive at more integrative solutions to complex and wicked problems.

I will have to look more closely at them. Process is exactly what integral will be about because it is the only stage that can see there are multiple ideologies and that all of them need to be included and that most can not include them all. The design process I think is a great space to look at for inspiration. Right now I would love to see Beto or Marianne or someone who has little chance of getting the nomination but the platform to use it to charette with the country.

Programming is the first step. When you program a building there are always conflicting needs that have to worked through. I find including all users in the process, which charetteing does, helps everyone relax into the compromises because they are involved in the discussion of the trade offs. The are co-designing the story with you. We need to re-design our American story, no one wants a leader to tell us this story right now.

I think we could get really creative with a crowd sourced re-design process; a “twitter of experts” but designing solutions not just talking.