Open Yourself to Greater Freedom and Flow


We all have unconscious bias - those blindspots that cloud our judgment, robbing us of our power. We all experience discomfort hearing that we have biases that prevent us from living our potential. In spite of everything, self-awareness is a definite possibility and the only way to reclaim our destiny. Imagine what can be different when you become more skilled in choosing creative response instead of defaulting into reactivity? Who does not want less conflict, less separation and less suffering? Who does not want to have their needs for connection and belonging met?

Come practice with Aneesah, using N.A.I.L. Freedom, her dynamic self-reflection tool specifically crafted to help you step into the space between stimulus and response, where you always have enough freedom to do the next right thing. This four-step alignment process can help you unshackle yourself from irrational fears, step into the flow, and flourish in all areas of your life.


Love your calm and inviting presentation of the practice, Aneesah. Also the pity reminder, ‘to be on your own side”.
Will be trying it out and will keep you posted!
With appreciative joy, Patricia