Oppressed are now Free! Progressive Nirvana to Blossom!

One prediction that violence will increase based changes in policing.
I have compassion for everyone living in our “test” markets living through the experiments.

Will be interesting. We now have a few Alternative Test Markets that should provide empirical/non-theoritical comparisons.
Texas has passed 17 gun rights protection laws including no permit concealed carry and no permit silencer laws. We will be able to contrast with the Blue state/city policies.
Any thoughts or prognostications on what will happen in Texas?

So if I understand:

  • A Police Officer hit a woman (a photo journalist running away) on the head with a baton after she was knocked to the ground.
  • This behavior is regular and is costing the City of Portland millions of dollars every year.
  • We can logically conclude the charges are often valid, because otherwise they would not win in court and / or the city would not need to settle.
    -Then finally one Police officer is Disciplined and the entire force decides they do not want to be held accountable for their actions.
    Note they are still all Police Officers - just they are giving up their ultra-brutal extracurricular activities.
    The unprecedented move by about 50 officers, detectives and sergeants to disband their own team came a day after a team member, Officer Corey Budworth, was indicted on a fourth-degree assault charge, accused of striking a woman in the head with a baton who he’d already knocked to the ground during a protest last summer near the Multnomah Building.
    The team’s use of force has led to multiple civil lawsuits in state and federal court, sanctions from a judge and now an indictment.

Here is the video footage of the Assault. The Reporter is clearly trying to leave the area, and is pushed from behind then smacked in the face with a baton while she is on the ground.

Here is the same force in action against a “Rioter”

Here’s another “Portland’s Finest” moments - targeting medical personnel

Police ABSOLUTELY have to be held accountable for illegal actions.

Honestly, the Portland Police have done such a piss poor job of maintaining order in the city, and they even made the situation worse with over the top aggressive tactics that escalated the confrontations.
The Leadership of pouring gasoline on the fire was stupid all the way from the Top in the Office of the President all the way down to each officer that decided the city’s population was their enemy.
They treated the population as their enemy and now the population is their enemy.
Funny how that works.

Portland can be a multi-year test case for top-to-bottom - City, County, State, Federal - progressive policy implementations. It’s everything progressives are wanting, and now they’ve got it! TIME TO SHINE!!

Yes, it will be interesting.
There is no reason to think it won’t work out for the better eventually - except just some kind of dark hope you have that others will fail because they don’t agree with you.
Which is why organized religion failed the world. A religion is an organizational structure, basically a tribe. In many (most?) traditional religions, the most important thing is to spread the dogma of the organization, even when it conflicts with the core beliefs of the faith that is supposedly believes in.
So here we have the culture wars, where you take joy in your neighbor’s house catching fire, because he’s a liberal and took a stand on something you don’t understand - not realizing that you are next door and the flames are licking your roof because you are so smug watching his house burn. You don’t even realize you are in a duplex, lol.

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Experiment shall unfold.

Meanwhile Texas just passed 17 gun protection laws including right to carry and silencers requiring no permit.
As well as marshaling all state resources to stem the 1000% increase in illegal alien entry.

So let’s just see which experiments work out.

Interesting article on several of our “Test Markets”.

Would dismantling our “Orange” structures prematurely be considered progress towards Integral tier, or regression? Is regression a requirement to rest for progression into Integral states?

Florida unwinding "progress"iveness. Will be an interesting “test case”.

Small movement in Arizona…