Optimising onboarding for the IL website



Although I’m new to Integral Life, I’m not new to Wilber, or Integral Theory.

Having read many of his books, studied ILP and the Integral OS, I’m now absorbing more of the IL content.

So, being a newcomer to the website, but conversant in the basics of Integral Theory, what are your recommended starting points on the website. Which articles made you sit up straight, which podcasts made you lean in, which ebooks had you sat on the edge of your seat?

Do tell, there is so much content, I’d appreciate some signposting.

And as a sidenote - if anyone here is based in Yorkshire, England - I’d be keen to know of fellow IL enthusiasts nearby!


I enjoyed and I am enjoying: Whitelaw, Helen Palmer, Salter, keating, sweaney…
Even if I read a few books of KW, I have to say it is pure luxury to follow his courses or ken show.
Not putting more names because I am still discovering.
Based in Malaga.


In terms of getting oriented to the site (I know this response is coming very late) I’ve recently put together a basic “getting started” guide, which members can find here: