Payment Pending


I bought the course “Embodied Success” and there is a problem with payment. I payed via PayPal and I am unsure, if I did something wrong or not, is it normal that the payment is pending ? After I bought the course ?

Can I ask somebody for help ? Money was not transferred from my bank account.

Happy to help! I just took a look, and it appears that your order was canceled during checkout. Perhaps you closed a page while the billing was processing?

If you like, you can try to purchase the program again, and if it fails again, send an email to me at and I will take a closer look!

Thank you for the info ! Yes, I canceled the billing process and kept checking by bank account. I will e-mail you @, incase there are any issues with buying a course or a product from the website.

Thank you again !

Hello Corey !

The bank transffered the money now. I bought the course from europe. I wanted to let you know that IIRC. The course integral mindfulness was available instantly.

I’ve sent you an e-mail with the invoice from paypal

I will write in the forum, when I received the course. I really like the courses so far they add up a lot to my integral understanding. Ideally, I can take part in Showing Up too. Going through some rough times.

Thank you again for the support !