PhD on Ken Wilber - the first ever in Comparative Religion!

Hi all!

I’ve been into Integral since 2004, translated three of Ken’s books into Finnish, and even started my own business 10 years ago on Integral premises (trained by Integral Coaching Canada).

For the past four years (and plus) I’ve been writing my doctor’s thesis on “Ken Wilber as a Spiritual Innovator - Studies in Integral Theory”. My department is Study of Religion (Comparative Religion). I am defending the dissertation tomorrow, and am real excited about it!

There is a growing interest in Integral and Ken’s work in my department, you can check more about that here (click on the research project TIMEWISE).

Anyhow, if you are interested, you can read (and even download) my dissertation on Ken Wilber from my University website. Here you go:

Best wishes,

JP Jakonen
PhD student
University of Turku
CEO & Founder
Integral Foresight Finland


Dear JP,
Congratulations on your doctoral thesis. To your success! Robert

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Hi JP:

Congratulations on your successful completion of your PhD program, writing such an important dissertation! I, too, translated several Ken’s books into Russian, so I am glad to know someone else who has been doing similar activity.

I translated the abstract to your thesis and posted it on the authorized Russian Ken Wilber pages (in social networks Facebook & as well as to my blog:

Please keep those articles and essays coming! I’m very excited about your work!

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Thank you. There is also a general info page at my website of my University about the thesis:

Best wishes,

JP Jakonen

Thanks for sharing your years for effort :slight_smile:! Will have to spend some time with your dissertation!

Any thoughts on what’s next for you and your Integral work?

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Jpjakonen might just be an interesting podcast for Integral Life.

Hi - and sorry for the late response (been on an extended summer vacation).

I am doing business consulting and coaching work through my company (Integral Foresight Finland). We are collaborating with the Australian futurist Richard Slaughter on a book, tentatively titled “Integral Foresight - Why Our Future Needs Your Evolution”. I also wrote an article for a book on systemic change, using the integral perspective as an example of taking the systemic vision to a new level of sophistication.

Currently I am working with international clients, and exploring the relationship between integral theory and nondualism, seeing where it may lead.

Best wishes,