Physics and Vertical Causation

In his latest book, Physics and Vertical Causation, mathematician, physicist, and metaphysician, Wolfgang Smith addresses key issues in modern physics, such as the measurement problem in quantum theory, and other crucial problems arising from some neglected factors within the Cartesian/Newtonian/Galilean framework. He shows on mathematical grounds how to integrate the findings of modern physics, based on horizontal causation, within the traditional metaphysics of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas et al., based on vertical causation. In doing so, he restores spirit, soul, and body to an integral cosmos and to an integral humanity. Thus, he provides a way for humanity out of our current scientistic flatland, which has dehumanised humanity, and denatured mature in recent centuries, producing a reign of quantity, algorithms, and remarkable technologies, but emptying our worlds of quality, biodiversity, beauty, and goodness. One wonders in comparing Smith’s integral account with Wilber’s integral account what we would find? Seems to me that Smith is the better mathematician and Wilber the better psychologist. What else?

Sounds like a great book, will check it out.

Smith OR Wilber is dualistic
Smith AND Wilber is non-dualistic and hence INTEGRAL …what do you think?