Podcast with author Sasha Sisko on their entheogenic spirituality and how it has evolved from Christianity

My name is Will and I cohost the podcast Wild Entheology with my friend, Kaylee. We are both psychology students with a passion for using psychedelics for personal and spiritual development. This podcast is dedicated to sharing our ever-evolving journey with psychedelics; whether that be growing in our knowledge of their application and benefits, our own personal experiences, or having conversations with others on similar paths.

In this episode we have a deep conversation with Sasha T. Sisko about their entheogenic spirituality and how it’s changed since their Christian upbringing. Sasha is a non-binary student of ethnopharmacology, author, podcast host, integration coach, independent researcher, and an advocate for social justice. They are also the author of the amazing book Graced by Nature, a powerful account of the legal battle for religious freedom surrounding entheogens and of Sasha’s own personal story with entheogens.

Sasha strikes me as someone who is very much at Stage Green, and I find how they approach Christianity very interesting. The book itself is very good so I highly recommend it if you’re interested in the history of how psychedelics became illegal in the first place, and how religious freedom has been used in their defense.

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I am psychedelic curious. Whatever it means :sweat_smile:
Thanks for sharing. I will take a look!