Polarity Matters: Are You Thinking In Pairs?

How do polarities help us see ourselves and our world more clearly and completely?

Watch as Beena Sharma answers your questions about her Integrating Polarities training, while offering a simple introduction to the practice you can follow along with at home.

Integrating Polarities is designed to teach you the higher-order thinking common to individuals at the integral stage of development. By learning and practicing the cognitive processes that come naturally to integral thinkers, this training can accelerate your own development toward integral stages of being and doing.

Learn more about the training here — and remember, supporting members of Integral Life can enroll for only $50!

Topics include:

  • How to embody these polarities in your life
  • The Integrating Polarities practice
  • Calibrating our polarity map
  • Integrating Polarities across multiple altitudes
  • Can our polarity maps include multiple topics?
  • Masculine and feminine polarities
  • Using polarity thinking in diversity training
  • Core polarities to consider
  • How can polarities help us navigate the culture wars?