Polarization, Being Woke, the Universal Agenda, Mindfulness Going Bad, and the Integral Vision

Culture wars, polarization, discernment versus condemnation, how our psychological development determines political attitudes and values, and how Integral perspectives help us understand them all. A candid conversation, ranging from global current events to personal spiritual turning points, with endearing, brilliant, and optimistic Integral pundit Jeff Salzman.

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Quotable quotes:

“How liberating it is when you can have it all.” John Dupuy, referring to the process of integrating all stages of development and perspectives

“See that, rather than be that.” Jeff Salzman, speaking of the teachings of most spiritual traditions regarding the small, contracted (egoic) self

“There are two kinds of judgment: one that is angry and condemning, and one that is about discernment and acceptance.” Roger Walsh


Thank you for sharing that, LaWanna! Adding to it: it’s easier to view the world and judge it through the lense of “small mind” no matter how educated and complex it is rather than live in the world and embody “Big Mind” while doing so. :blush:

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Absolutely agree; it’s definitely easier. Which is why, for me at least, that third quote by Roger comes in handy :slightly_smiling_face: and even then, the first part of Roger’s quote is sometimes easier than the second part!

In fairness to these guys, and in case you haven’t listened to the podcast, there was a brief discussion about the “aspirational” quality of teachings, including Integral teachings. That’s a nice qualifier.

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Wondering, you guys said that “red Trump was poison”… what do you say about Biden–Pelozi-Shuman??? doing so good for this Country, like a piece of cake?

Biden is like a meal that is not tasty, but still edible. Trump is like a pile of shit. I guess some dogs and pigs just gobble up shit like it’s delicious, but not humans.

ray you are so quick to express your mind, keep your nasty and shitting ideas to yourself and enjoy.

But why? Why do you ask a question but not want a response in the same spirit?

I am enjoying myself - I hope you are, too.