Possible to be Conservative, Heterosexual, Christian, and Integral?



I think you just like paining yourself into a corner and then finding excuses why that isn’t your own problem to solve. You find all kinds of reasons why I’m at fault or Integral is somehow at fault or liberals are the problem.

After all this discussion and several weeks of watching you chase your tail in circles, I feel I really am wasting my time here. Feel free to spam the forum again and and I’ll just stand back for a week or a month and see if anyone else wants to address it.


It seems you are demanding that any mention of conservatism automatically requires cycling onto and fixation with President Trump. That’s text book Critical Theory tactics, which you seem to wield like a bludgeon.

Congratulations. I’m simply not developed enough to have a dialog with you. Sorry about that Ray.


When I interact with people that are clearly interpreting existence from an Amber level or lower I have compassion for them like I would a child in a way. I accept that they’re at a level that some adults transcended earlier in life. If they start to get toxic and project shadow material and express their dogma, fear, and bias towards any group I will wish them well and walk away. It’s boring to argue with them because they don’t know the difference between subjectivity and objectivity and believe opinions are facts. The only one more foolish than the fool is the one that argues with them.-Lao Tzu


There are many concrete understandings on non physical things. Here’s an example of the spiritual concept of math.

Imagine 6 year old Billy learning multiplication. He understand that 2 x 2 = 4 and then concludes that 3 x 3 = 6 because of his simple sound logic; seeing the x as a plus sign (+) turned sideways and argues with Jenny who says 3 x 3 = 9.

The subject is clear when the understanding is complete. How long does Jenny engage Billy in this argument? I am grateful to have the wisdom shared through @Brian_Downey.

Am I Jenny or Billy in this illustration? For a certainty I’ve played both sides of this drama. With spiritual clarity we can see all points of view.

Imagine your thinking is water and light that fills all the darkness and crevasses connecting everything into one whole understanding. Now ask … what role is the holistic view in this drama of conflict? The spiritual answer is that I AM Jenny, Billy and Lao Tzu in this reality and I can choose as I wish.

Be the polarity on either side or the three-fold cord of unity :slight_smile: Ask now from this spiritual plateau how should I act in any such drama when I know not where I AM in this ratio of conflict?