Post- Dark Night Of The Soul

what’s up Integral :slight_smile:

Quick break down, I was an early achiever, started businesses young, built an Australian based PD and biz strategy company, I have studied and practiced psychology and as long as I could remember had spiritual underpinnings.

My history is full of trauma and my ‘diagnosis’ list is extensive… why else do you become a psych? lol

Early this year I met the love of my life and that changed everything. I have just come through 2 months of a harrowing dark night and a great deal of emotional processing.

Im now in a very peaceful, light place with no desire to do a single thing but zero guilt about doing so. the mere feeling of being is deeply satisfying. Should I be concerned ? Will my ambition and desire return or will I need to create a new meaning to engage in skilful action again.

Confused but peaceful integral citizen haha.

Thank you for any reply.

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My experience is it doesn’t return to where you were. It would be like asking will be ever be excited to play with toys again like you did when you were a kid. The answer is pretty much, No. Personally I still have to do the old work to pay the bills and I find the desire where I can, while at the same time I am working to create something new that has meaning in the new found conscious space.