Practical Partnership Focus



As I journey through present moment after present moment, I am aware that my physical form will age. I’m not exactly thinking about my retirement, but I realize clearly that I don’t ‘have’ any children and I don’t ‘have’ a spouse. Sometimes I ponder what it might be like for me at the end of my time on this planet without these things that ‘my’ parents have. How will I survive? Perhaps government funding? I don’t ‘own’ much of anything besides my dad’s old car, clothes, a keyboard and some kitchen accessories…I suppose for now the thing to do is still to try and live a life that is in alignment with as many levels and lines as possible. Perhaps there will be a person that benefits from my company. It seems like sharing space would make things more affordable and harmonious if folks can manage it.

Salve of Serpents is my username on instagram if you have any desire to connect: