Progress in neuromodulation to facilitate meditative states


Here are a couple of presentations from the 2018 Transformative Technology conference that describe some intriguing progress in neuromodulation to facilitate meditative states. Participants like Shinzen Young and John Yates (Chuladasa) report that these techniques can bring them to deep states of meditation in a fairly short period of time. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but it looks like the research is picking up steam:

Jay Sanguinetti – Ultrasound:

Sanjay Manchanda – Infrared:


Thanks for posting this @kartik_subbarao. I’ve tried to meditate but failed miserably. I even did a introductory course in meditation and went to a kundalini group. Nothing. I can’t be hypnotised. Some form of assistance is clearly warranted. #infinitelove.