Quadrant Thinking


I recently attended the short workshop on 4 quadrant mission statements. For me it opened a door to a new way of thinking about all sorts of things. I used it to create a mission statement for my blog. I brainstormed a wholistic response to the Pandemic, and a vision for my church to create an anti-racism program. It also seems like a tool for project management and to create a research plan. Yet I can’t find other practical discussions like Nomali Perera’s excellent short workshop.

Any suggestions for further study?


I was on the session as well and found it awesomely enlightening. Why not email Naomi and ask if she has any recommendations?


Hi Gary98 and Andrew_Baines, I’m so glad you got something of value from my mini workshop. I hope to do more although I don’t currently exactly know when the next one will be. Either way, keep checking in with the practice calendar and I hope our zoom paths will cross again sooner than later! Thank you for attending these workshops, dear friends! :blossom::blossom::blossom: