Question regarding past writings - or current question for Ken


Hello - 78 years a “seeker” — still active… My consciousness would benefit from discussion by Ken regarding H.P.B’s introduced concept of “fohat”… especially any Tibetan insights or clarifications:
“ . . . the active (male) potency of the Shakti (female reproductive power) in nature. The essence of cosmic electricity . An occult Tibetan term for Daiviprakriti , primordial light : and in the universe of manifestation the ever-present electrical energy and ceaseless destructive and formative power . Esoterically, it is the same, Fohat being the universal propelling Vital Force , at once the propeller and the resultant.”
The word itself has been identified as ’phro-wa (verb form) and spros-pa (noun form) in Tibetan transliteration.