Rebel Wisdom: Integral Meets the Intellectual Dark Web


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Today’s guest, David Fuller, is at the center of the intellectual Dark Web (IDW) having founded Rebel Wisdom, a YouTube station that has attracted over 60,000 subscribers in less than two years. David Fuller is committed to the further evolution of the intellectual dark web and enthusiastic, as I am, about what integral theory can bring to that project. I hope you enjoy our conversation!


I found one thing pretty shocking in this interview–that Jordan Peterson is not aware of Ken Wilber’s work (“thinks he might have heard of him around 2000”), or of Integral Theory. HOW CAN THAT BE? How can someone, and this goes for others of the IDW as well, be espousing intellectual perspectives toward cultural change and be so–what?-- insulated? too busy? arrogant? too overly identified with their own views? as to be unaware of integralism?

I want to remain “friendly towards reality” here, and mindful that Wilber believes Peterson and others of the IDW are “thinking integrally,” but IMHO, not integrally enough if they’re unaware of IT itself and the work of Wilber. There are what now, 30 books? And I don’t think their ignorance of IT can be blamed on integralism being complicated with ‘colors and the AQAL’ etc.; I may allow this argument for the average person, but not for people who call themselves or allow themselves to be called “intellectuals.”

David Fuller said he was sending his interview with KW to JP, so that’s definitely a good thing, as is Rebel Wisdom’s intent to do a documentary on Wilber. The viewer comments on the Rebel Wisdom site re: the interview with KW are overwhelmingly sparkling with enthusiasm for Wilber and the Integral model, so the IDW getting on board should be a no-brainer.