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Fr Thomas Keating is wonderful to listen to. His teaching bought much richness & wisdom into my life, as did Cynthia. Re Richard Rohr, I’d suggest his Catholicism is evolved beyond what most people would recognise. This is often the case with more mystical leaning teachers. I hope you find the most resonant approach.



Thanks for the Fr. Keating pointer. I’m really enjoying his work right now :slight_smile:

Question for you - Once you understand your Imago makeup, can it remain innocent?
best regards, soldato simplice.


Lol, that’s a work in process & I’m just honouring whatever arises without attachment to any outcome. :wink:


Well grow up and stop blaming Momma! She did her very very best and it looks just like this… You actually turned out OK. Lol


Can you provide clarification? I’m bemused…


At least in US psychological parlance Imago is the (in layman’s terms, best I can do) mental template if you will that we build of our caretakers during formative years - mom, dad, maybe aunts and uncles, grandparents, neighbors, etc… For myself once acquainted with and doing some imago work it became harder to blame my Mom and Dad for everything. Well I still blamed them but eventually tired of the same mental stories. Also found a new appreciation for them and how hard they worked and how generous with me. The Imago work was a very transformative growing up experience for me.
Thanks for the reminder. It makes me smile remembering.


Ah, yes, I’m familiar with this concept. We have Imago Therapy here too. I appreciate your sharing for clarification. Imago also has other meanings; it’s the root of our words imagination & magic. It refers to what I’d best describe as something liminal. It’s also the term used to describe the state of a Monarch butterfly leaving its chrysalis; a metamorphosis. This is my favourite. The idea that we’re born & die only to be reborn again, over & over throughout our lives as we grow is what motivated my original response.

I’m glad our conversation bought back some fond memories for you. :butterfly: