Self-compassion when overthinking


Try and have compassion for the overthinker, for all the overthinkers. Metta meditation can help <3. You can say to yourself something like: “I want to be peaceful and at the same time I have compassion for myself including when I’m overthinking.”


This is really nice, I really had to laugh :slight_smile:

Please let me also mention the following:overthinking might be a symptom of trauma. E.g. stemming from getting your own worldview (heavily, continuously) discarded as a child or other experiences of powerlessness.


Thanks Roger.

This is a good point, and it’s important to try and heal trauma as well.

Overthinking can also come from having an overactive imagination or active mind, and can be a positive too/have positive sides to it. I know imagination and anxiety are linked to an extent. Getting into worry loops can increase anxiety and imagining positive things can lower it


Yes, its positive with many upsides of course.

One possible question is to what extend it is present and what you are feeling, when not in overthinking mode. If you are able to stop it from time to time and just have a quite mind as well overthinking can be very enjoyable.