Shadow work 3-2-1 process and Vipassana


Last week I watched an episode here on integral life called. The Shadow Vigenettes: A tale of reintegration in Six Parts

I am doing the 3-2-1 process now for almost two years and wanted to ask is it true that vipassana suppresses shadow elements? This is what Ken mentions in the talk. Is there a shadow work process that works vipassana? How effective is the 3-2-1 process from what people reported?

I am not very familiar with traditional vipassana practice, I am familiar with Soto-zen a bit and the unified mindfulness system of Shinzen Young. Which has many different practices. The main practice that I do is a substrate of vipassana. The see, hear, feel technique from shinzen young.


Yes, that statement stood out for me as well. I can see what he meant though (I think) in that ‘labeling’ or ‘noticing’ practice does objectify the experience that one just labeled, which would be counterproductive for shadow work. All said n the context of shadow work though, I don’t think he was saying not to do Vipassana in general. That being said, I personally have never done traditional Vipassana myself (just Vajrayana & Zen Shikantaza).