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Am I the last one to learn about this?]](

Not the last anymore! I had read about some Buddhist moral slipping before. But not to this degree. I guess for this site the relation of Eastern meditation and such is not completely explained for by culture, or is it?

Perhaps he was a misogynisic egomanic in a previous life and just needs 72 more reincarnations to work it out of his system. :wink:

Here’s a direct quote that may be of some relevance.

"The first step for you as a student is to sharpen your intel­lect and not buy anything that is presented without question. To wake yourself up, cynical thinking and critical questioning are extremely important. Otherwise, you are completely helpless. You are just being fed through an intravenous system.*

by Chogyam Trungpa

I’m not sure I understand what the point of this thread is?

A religious leader violated his followers … These kinds of stories about religious leaders have been in the headlines for decades.
It’s terrible, yes - but hardly a surprise. I might add this is usually a consequences of the deep shadows that come with a Literal Mythic system of beliefs.


Agreed, raybennett. I would add that deep shadows arise in every stage. As long as we are in duality, i.e. manifestation, there will be darkness wherever there is light.

The specifics vary a good deal from stage to stage, but, as Ken Wilber pointed out, “the Darth Vader move is possible at every stage” – even up into Second and Third Tier. Which is why we need to be doing our own shadow work all along, and we need to be alert for it in our communities.

Chogyam Trungpa was an alcoholic. He did not address it and his community enabled it. The unacknowledged shadow deepened in his two successors. This is not the only spiritual community in a revered lineage that has gone off the rails in this way.

Let us continue learning from experience, and be alert for energies and communities that need to compost their s*** into fertilizer. It’s hard work, and sometimes it stinks, but anything in manifestation can be transmuted. Fortunately for us, we have some well tested techniques for this. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this process, I highly recommend the “Shadow Module” chapter in “Integral Life Practice” by Wilber, Terry Patten and two other authors.

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