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When I kindly asked a peroxide-dreaded, urban hippie, university student type, to please browse through an issue of Thrasher, all he had to say on the matter was, “All they do is go down stairs.” He obviously didn’t get it, I mean, many of us don’t get art. But the majority of people now into skating don’t get it, but they feel it can provide an image they so desperately need to fit in - and stand out.

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Thanks for commenting here … your Hippie person did get something and shared it with you. Why didn’t you get it? As Arsenio Hall would say, “Things that make you go HhhMmm”?

What are you talking about?

Hello @bojan this was an observation I shared with @Felix_Ryan … As he wrote regarding a “peroxide-dreaded urban hippie” that, … "He obviously didn’t get it, "

Yet it seemed he did with his reply … "All they do is go down stairs.”

I found it interesting that @Felix_Ryan obviously didn’t get it either, I hope that you now get it @Bojan or perhaps I am the one alone in my own humor?

Thanks for the explanation, but i have no idea what both of you are writing.
One reason is i am from Slovenia, so i am not familiar with all american memes and their meaning. It is like an inside story understandable to few people who share the same language but for others it is a mystery.

Sorry for the confusion @Bojan :slight_smile: I have a friend from the old Yugoslavia Navi Sad he came to the USA many years ago. We share many similar ideas and many contrasting points of view as well. Being involved and engaged here will certainly expand your thinking and understanding in really positive and diverse ways. Thanks for sharing!

It’s ok. I came on this topic only becose I’ve got an e-mail from integral life.
I have been here few years, but it did NOT “expand my thinking in really positive and diverse ways”. I am aware it is an american website but it is to much americancentric for my taste. And to be honest i have no desire to learn from the american empire, when many americans don’t want to learn from others.
I was searching for the option to permanently delete my account, but i guess that’s not possible…
I hope you don’t perceive that as an attack on you. I am just sharing my disapointment with this forum.
Thank you for your kind reply and i wish you well…

No worries @bojan … Sorry you have not learned anything new or expanded your thinking here. My approach is one of inclusion not exclusion. As indicated in the comment I shared above with @Felix_Ryan

I certainly respect your point of view. In fact I welcome your unique input and perspective. Here’s a topic idea for helping humanity. What do you think?

"When you dislike an individual or a group of individuals, the resulting problems it causes are suffered by YOU. You are out of alignment with Source Energy (God’s Love). You may feel utterly justified in the way you feel about their seeming wrongdoing or about their betrayal, but you suffer when you’re out of alignment with source energy.

When you focus on anyone with an attitude of anything that is less than pure love (God Energy), you go out of sync with Source Energy and it feels like a negative emotion to you. And if you keep it up, you experience a stronger indication of discord, uneasiness (dis ease).

So the first indication of discord or resistance is the feeling of negative internal emotions. The first indication of alignment are positive emotions. These emotions or internal spiritual sensations (Spirituality) are your indications that you are in alignment or out of alignment with Source Energy (God).

If you are experiencing spiritual sensations that are not pleasing, change the vibration that is emanating from you. The internal spiritual indicators will remain the same until you change. Change to align with the Source Energy and when you do you’ll feel it."

Peace :slight_smile:

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It is for the most part a bunch of Americans seeing the world from our viewpoints. We do know that WE NEED others to expand our world view :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of European sites that I’ve found interesting:

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