Society for Consciousness Studies Conference at Yale (May 30 - June 2, 2019)

Here is a promo for the upcoming conference:

Announcing speaker Nancy Ellen Abrams

We are thrilled to announce that the line-up of illustrious [distinguished?] guest speakers for the 2019 SCS Conference Consciousness and Spirit II continues to grow. Joining [keynote?] speakers Deepak Chopra (live) and Ken Wilber and Ervin Laszlo (via live video), we are delighted that Nancy Ellen Abrams will be present to share her work on the intersections of science and spirituality. Abrams is a philosopher of science, lawyer, and author. She and her husband, world-renowned cosmologist Joel R. Primack, developed a new visual language to express the big ideas underlying the new universe picture, which Primack helped create. We look forward to welcoming these and all of our speakers into our treasured SCS Conference community.

We look forward to learning and sharing ideas with others in this community. We would be pleased if you joined our annual conference.

Allan Combs, PhD
President of The Society for Consciousness Studies

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I am very interested in attending the Society for Consciousness Studies Conference. I have reviewed the website but do not see registration details. Could you please tell me how I could attend this conference?

Hi Jeb,

Great to hear from you and delighted you are interested in the conference.

There is a tab about half way down the conference website for registration.

And here is a page completely devoted to registration.

I look forward to meeting here in person.

Warmest regards - Leslie

Allan Leslie Combs, Ph.D.
President of The Society for Consciousness Studies
Editor: CONSCIOUSNESS: Ideas and Research for the 21st Century