Some other maps of consciousness - oh what fun


Hi all - I spotted this the other day. In fact, I remember it from way back but I had forgotten. It’s developed by a chap called David Hawkins. Anybody come across this? Has Wilber mentioned/incorporated this one in his work? Not sure how much science it is based on come to think of it.

It reminds me also of this book by Ramaji where he rates the world’s spiritual teachers: 1000: The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers.

Oh what fun.


Thank you so much, this really reached me at the right time.


It’s a good map. What detracts from it for me is the claim to be “clinically proven”. When I hear or see “clinically proven”, I hear it as a sales pitch because it means nothing and is common on TV ads selling dubious products. In this diagram, I infer that it was put above the diagram in an attempt to show the idea is backed and fully supported by the authority of Orange, when in fact this authority is not possible .