Sorting Out US Politics with Integral

At the suggestion of @Charles_Marxer I picked up a copy of Developmental Politics by Steve McIntosh. There is a lot to the book. For starters, I just want to center on one key point. According to McIntosh, the US electorate divides into four polarities:

  • Progressive Postmodernists
  • Liberal Modernists
  • Fiscally Conservative & Libertarian Modernists
  • Socially Conservative Modernists & Traditionalists

The swing votes are the two in the middle. Before going deeper into other details from McIntosh’s book, I’d love to hear from others. Do those categories resonate? Can you map various political groups or tendencies to this schema? Or is McIntosh missing some major point here?


In Integral language would this be Ambers, Reds, Oranges and Greens? (Intermixed of course). 11/05/23

My reading of McIntosh is that Progressive Postmodernists are green, Liberal Modernists are part green and part orange, Fiscally Conservative & Libertarian Modernists are mostly orange, and Socially Conservative Modernists & Traditionalists are amber and orange.