Stage Descriptions in the Holoarchy

I am currently reading SES, and enjoying it. I am looking for more information about how to distinguish each level. I.e. Something like this:
Level: Mythic
Transcends Magic: Describes some distinctions on how it transcends Magic
Included in: Rational: describes how it is not at Rational yet, etc.
Is this info in any of the books? Does it make sense to do this?
I would like to be able to more fully describe each level in oder to see it in myself anf others.


Yes it is described in several books, Wilber does it best and most updated in The Religion of Tommorow and if you want another approach you can go to Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Chris Cowan, also an excellent read.

Thank you. I will check out those resources.

The appendix to Integral Psychology has many pages which present different developmental stage models side-by-side. Glancing over these charts is a good way to get a sense of what these levels are like. The normal risk is conceiving levels too narrowly. I.e. thinking only of worldviews or values or cognition, etc.

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Are there any freely available tests one can take to determine personal stage?


I’m doing some research on putting together a test to specifically track the predominant stage a person is at, based on the Spiral Dynamics definitions (which I believe are most comprehensive–sorry Ken!). There are a couple ways I may approach this:

  1. I may make a more academically-sound survey using the suite of tools, as those are widely accepted in the psych community
  2. I may make a more “BuzzFeed” style test to see if it can get viral on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This one has the potential to cast a far wider net, yet likely wouldn’t be as academically sound given it would need to be simplified greatly to retain attention span.

I’ve never created this kind of test before, but I also identify as being mostly at Yellow, and we like to learn new things ;D

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Terrific plan @russ.legear - keep us posted - and let me know if you need a beta tester to provide some early-stage feedback!